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New Optibike Electric Bike Installment Payment Plan

By May 28, 2014July 7th, 2018No Comments

Optibike Installment Payment Plan Program


We are introducing the Optibike Installment Payment Plan Program to be used for the purchase of a new Optibike electric bicycle. This program is perfect for people who currently don’t have all the funds needed to purchase an  Optibike immediately or for people who do not qualify for conventional  financing. This program will allow you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. You decide the down payment amount and monthly payments that work best for you.

With the Installment Plan, once you have paid 75% of your payments on time, we will then ship your new electric bike with 25% of the payments remaining. The balance of 25% is financed internally by Optibike, so there is no loan company to go through, no additional applications or rejection. Your completion of the Installment Plan payments on time has built your credit with Optibike.

The Process

  1. Select from the widest selection of electric bikese bike
  2. Call Neal Topper our Electric Bike Solutions Consultant at 303-848-8381 to place your order
  3. Let Neal know you want to use the Optibike Installment Payment Plan Program.
  4. Tell us the down payment amount you would like to make.
  5. Tell us the monthly payment amount  that fits your budget.
  6. Tell us the date of the month you want to make your payment. (By credit card, check or wire transfer)
  7. Neal will email you the installment payment plan program agreement for your approval.
  8. Neal will then follow up with a phone call to confirm all details of the installment payment plan program and agreement
  9. Email Neal : with the signed and dated installment payment plan agreement
  10. Complete your down payment by credit card, check or wire transfer on the date you select
  11. Neal will email you a copy of the installment plan payment schedule/agreement for your records.
  12. Make your monthly Installment Plan payment on the agreed date.
  13. Once you pay 75% of the price of the bike, we will ship your Optibike e-bike.
  14. Complete the purchase of your electric bicycle by making 1-3 final monthly payments on schedule by entering into an internal loan agreement

No Risk

If you choose to cancel your order prior to your Optibike shipping, you will receive a full refund for all payments completed. See your Installment Payment Plan Agreement and loan agreement for full details. Please call Neal Topper at 303-848-8381 with questions.

With our Payment Plan option and our 90 day guarantee on all electric bikes, you can’t beat this incredicble deal. Follow our E-Bike blog to learn more about our e-bikes from the Optibike team, testimonials from customers, and the latest news and trends in the industry.

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