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3 really great US manufacturers that make rock solid and fun gear for bikers.

It is remarkable to see companies making products in the US and really doing a great job at it.  In fact, the only companies left making products in the US (that have not gotten bailed out) are probably making a remarkable product- because recessions have a way of thinning out the field.
We want to take this opportunity to point out 3 local companies that you may not have heard of that  make really high quality, high utility products for bikers.

1)  Cycle Tote

Cycle Tote makes a bicycle trailer with big, 26″ quick release bicycle wheels so you can really haul some serious stuff.  Welded aluminum tubing frame, and tons of options (including an adult carrier trailer for towing around your significant other.)  These guys are the real deal.

See the rest of their stuff at, and tell them Optibike sent you!
2)  Wolfman Luggage
These guys specialize in motorcycle bags, but with a little creativity- you can easily and securely mount them on a bicycle and get years of solid use out of them.  These bags are sewn right in Ft. Collins, Colorado by a team of really passionate people who know how to make a solid bag.  Check these guys out at:

3)  Bike Blender

In the event of a power outage, or any other time a smoothie or other blended beverage  is a must have- there is the Bike Blender.

These guys really do a good job- and they make their blenders right in San Francisco, CA.

You can find them at:

Jim Turner - Inventor and Founder of Optibike

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

One Comment

  • Thanks for the nice write up on CycleTote. While the adult trailer is our most unique offering, probably our cargo trailer is most useful — good for commuting or grocery shopping or whatever you need to haul.

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