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Great story about how the best electric bike came to be..

Optibike was started in Jim Turner’s Boulder, Colorado garage with a simple vision:
Make the World’s best electric bicycle, with no compromises in quality, performance or style.

Born from the Experience


Jim Turner races moto-cross for the Suzuki Factory Team and wins the Canadian National Championship. Not without a quality mechanic, Jim traveled with then mechanic Mike McAndrews, now Specialized Bicycle Components Suspension Director.


Muddy from head to toe, Jim Turner
in his early moto-cross racing days.
Jim would later help shape the moto-cross industry
through racing and technological developments.

Jim joins the Fox Racing Team, developing and testing the worlds first long travel moto-cross suspension complete with a season racing throughout Europe. Jim’s mechanic in Europe,Keith Bontrager, went on to found Bontrager Bicycle Components which are a staple to the Trek brand.


The 1978 Fox Racing Team.
Jim Turner #95, would later develop and test
the world’s first long travel moto-cross suspension.

Jim raced in the 250cc World Championship in Europe then “retires” from professional moto-cross.


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Jim Turner - Inventor and Founder of Optibike

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

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