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And we recommend our Elite Line of Bikes

This line of bikes would fit your needs well, and the benefits of owning one of these bikes are incredible.

Let’s start with the benefits of this bike line first:

Based on your quiz answers you are a bit of an urban explorer.

Our Elite Series is perfect for fast rides, and difficult terrain – It will get you anywhere you need, or want, to go!

You are already active, and are looking for a way to keep up your activity level for years to come.

You need something that can go the distance, allow you to stay in shape, and will pull those hills and mountains when you need to.

Let’s face it…

We All Are Getting Older

and with age comes more limitations than we care to admit…

But with the Elite Line of Optibikes, that doesn’t have to be a concern.

Ebikes allow you to control your riding experience.


What does that mean?

It means that because your ebike has an motor, you can control your exertion level. When you tire, the throttle is there to get you over the hills, gain the speed you need, or make it through the last leg of your adventure.

With the motor there, you do not have to fear getting too tired, not making it where you need to go on time, or, if you have physical limitations, that your body will not be able to handle the trip.

When it’s not raining I use the bike rather than the car and on Sundays our group of old guys ride the Marin County watershed, Mt. Tamalpais, Bolinas Ridge, 25 – 45 rugged miles.
It’s worth mentioning I have never had a more reliable machine, it goes and goes.
The best thing I can say about my bike is that the fun I have on it makes me feel like a kid, on a really good day maybe fourteen or fifteen.
The other guys in the group like it too because I can keep up with them and keep the conversation going, on a regular bike I’d be looking at their backs. they are glad too to know that there is an electric option when they get just too tired to keep up.

Rodger J. Northern California

Riding an electric bike is a great way to continue your outdoor lifestyle, stay active and healthy, and to travel. With all the benefits of riding a traditional bike, and the added bonus of having a motor to get you out of tough, and tiring, situations, what better way to continue bicycling throughout your life?


And the Elite Series can go Anywhere!

Many Pro Series owners marvel at how fast their ebike becomes their main mode of transportation while they are in town as well.

The Optibike Elite Series offers the ultimate in electric bike performance. This line of bikes is built without compromise, using the best components on the market today. Nothing is spared in the design and manufacture of this beautiful electric bicycle.

If the benefits and enjoyment you can get from our Elite Line of ebikes sounds like something you might be interested in, set up a time to talk to us. The results above are based on your quiz answers, but we know that every individual and every situation is different.

We know that an online quiz can’t give us all the information – but if you set up a time for us to call you we will look at your specific information and match you not only to a bike line, but to a specific bike — One that will be perfect for your needs, physical abilities, fitness goals, and activity levels.

There is no obligation to buy – but if you set up a time to talk to one of our Experts- we can answer your questions and help you understand the differences, terminology, technology, and enjoyment you can get from an electric bike. The call should take only 30 min. And you tell us when is the best time for you!

I am 61 years old and there is nothing that can touch the Optibike R11 electric mountain bike. I like the range with the extended touring batterycombined with the power and speed. I have completed several 100 mile trips and plan in the Spring of 2014 take a 400 mile trip from Pittsburgh to Cumberland Maryland.
When you turn off the electric mountain bike it feels and rides like one of the best mountainbikes. It’s a bike! Even though the Optibike weighs 60 pounds the high quality components offsets the weight. I love the speed of the R11 even at 60 pounds and 73 pounds with the external touring battery. I cover more distance in less time with the Optibike and it helps me stay strong on my bike at 61 feeling like I am 20 again. What an awesome time I have on the R11.

-Dave Kammer

More about the Optibike Urban Series

Now that you know a little bit about why the Optibike Elite Series was recommended for you, let’s delve a little deeper into the features that these bikes can offer. 

It you are looking for a bike with the longest range, the best hill climbing ability, and the most speed, the Elite line is for you! These bikes are fast – with some topping out at 30 mph. The Elite Line is the best, has the longest range, is the best quality, and is unmatched in the industry.

And they go the distance. These bikes have the longest lasting battery life of any e-bike; with some lasting over 50 miles.

The power this line offers is second to none! You can go wherever you want with these bikes, nothing but your imagination will get in your way.

Bikes in the Elite Series start at $11,990, and all four of the models are designed for both on and off road riding. Three of the model options feature a top speed of 28 mph with a maximum range of 55 miles and 750 watts of power, while the Optibike R11 model offers a top speed of 33 mph with a maximum range of 40 miles and 1100 watts of power.

The four models in the Optibike Elite Series include:

Optibike R11 pearl white paint side view

Optibike R11 

Fastest Optibike with quick acceleration and continuous power

Optibike R8HD

 Heavy duty Optibike for riders over 220 pounds or those who ride at more extreme levels

Optibike R8 red side view
Optibike R8 red side view

 Optibike R8

 Great all around Optibike, offering superior hill climbing ability and stopping power

Optibike Helia

Designed and optimized just for women riders

Optibike Helia blue with flowers

I am of course loving my e bike by Optibike. As you called it, a monster electric bicycle, it eats these hills. I took a roller coaster type 17 mile each way route to my wife’s shop in below freezing weather a week ago and made it there and almost all the way back on only the touring battery. Considering 80% battery efficiency at that temperature and the nature of the vertical profile I was very satisfied to see it do precisely what I anticipated.

-John M.

Thank You from Optibike

First off, thank you for completing the Optibike quiz, and congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier you.

Since 2006, Optibike has been the premier designer and manufacturer of electric bikes in the world. The company has conducted research to develop the best line of electric bicycles on the market. We love helping people like you find the right bike to meet your individual fitness goals.

Now that you have your personalized recommendation, it is time to take the next step.

We understand that every person is different, every situation is unique. The results above are based on the answers that you provided in our quiz, circumstances that were not accounted for in the quiz…

Or… You may have questions about how an e-bike works, how an engine fits it, what the difference is. but you may have questions… So what should you do?

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Optibike founder, Jim Turner created and developed the Optibike line of electric bikes because he wanted to make a positive and direct impact on the lives of others. This is still true today as he enjoys providing personal consultations with new customers to help them find the bike that’s right for them.

The more product information you have, the more empowered you can be to make the right purchasing decision. The survey that you took asked you questions that helped you discover which Optibike product lines would work best for you.

Now that you have a better idea of which electric bike line might be a good fit for you, talk to our experts.

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