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Since 2006, Optibike has been the premier designer and manufacturer of electric bikes in the world. The company has conducted research to develop the best line of electric bicycles on the market. We love helping people like you find the right bike to meet your individual fitness goals.

The Optibike electric bike offers a variety of health and exercise benefits that allow you to lose weight and get fit without the stressful impact you might experience with some other activities like running or jogging. Along with improved fitness, you will also begin to see an increase in your energy and vitality as your stress levels start to decline.

Are you ready to find out which Optibike is the right fit for you?

Now that you have completed our short quiz and we have gotten to know you, we are ready to tell you more about which line of Optibike electric bicycles is the best fit. 

Below, we will provide a personalized recommendation based on your quiz results and give you a little more information about the Optibike line of electric bikes that is right for you.

Personalized Recommendation Based on Your Optibike Quiz Results

And the results are in…

Based on your quiz results, we recommend the options in our Optibike Urban Series line of electric bikes.

The Urban Series offers the best value in electric bikes available on the market today. Utilizing Optibike-patented technology these bikes have a sleek and light design that allows for optimal performance at an affordable price.

Why the Optibike Urban Series is Right for You...

Based on your quiz results, you are a bit of an urban explorer.

Whether you are checking out new areas of town on the weekend, doing a bit of light exercise, taking a leisurely ride to the local farmer’s market, or biking to work, the Urban line can take you where you want to go. These bikes are lightweight, yet powerful – giving you the best performing bike for your needs.

What’s more is that the two versatile bike models allow you to customize your experience. If you’re looking for a bit more speed and range, the Pioneer Carbon can take you the distance with a 28 mph top speed and up to a 44 mile range. This bike is sleek and sexy - the perfect ride. 

If you prefer to take weekend trips, off-road, or are more interested in a bike that can take a beating - the Pioneer Allroad is the bike for you. Built to be durable and tough, it can give you the power you need for all sorts of adventures.

The Urban Line of Optibikes is ideal for those who like to take their time and see the sights. The performance and value of this line is second to none, offering a great option for first time electric bike riders and those who ride for leisure.

And a bonus… If you like to ride to work, but don’t like to arrive covered in sweat, the ability to turn on the power can have you arriving to work fresh!

More About the Optibike Urban Series 

Now that you know a little bit about why the Optibike Urban Series was recommended for you, let’s delve a little deeper into the features that these bikes can offer. Bikes in the Urban Series start at $3,495 and make a great first model for riders new to the e-bike. The two models in the Optibike Urban Series include:

Pioneer Carbon

The Pioneer Carbon is the lightest bike on the market with a 500 watt motor and 37 volt 10.5 amp hour battery. This on-road model offers a top speed of 28 mph with a maximum range of up to 44 miles. This bike is designed to glide across flat terrain

Pioneer Allroad

The Pioneer Allroad is the perfect urban e-bike. It is tough and versatile - the perfect utility bike. With two methods of motor power control combining leading performance with excellent pricing, this model can be used both on and off road, and it features a top speed of 25 mph with a maximum range of 44 miles. The Pioneer Allroad also offers off road capabilities for those who still need power on the hills. 

The two models in the Optibike Urban Series are designed for those who enjoy a slower paced ride and for those who ride an average of 1 to 20 miles on a typical bike trip. 

This series of bikes is ideal for those who ride for leisure, taking short bike trips around town. This can also be a great choice for those who have never owned an electric bike before and need a good starter bike. 

Now that you have your personalized recommendation, it is time to take the next step. 

Optibike is ready to help you find the electric bike that’s the perfect fit for your needs and preferences. 

Optibike founder, Jim Turner created and developed the Optibike line of electric bikes because he wanted to make a positive and direct impact on the lives of others. This is still true today as he enjoys providing personal consultations with new customers to help them find the bike that’s right for them. 

The more product information you have, the more empowered you can be to make the right purchasing decision. The survey that you took asked you questions that helped you discover which Optibike product lines would work best for you. 

Now that you have a better idea of which electric bikes might be a good fit, all you need to do is schedule a free consultation to determine which bike is the best investment. There are many different options, besides the ones we have shown you. These include pre-owned and leasing options. During your consultation, we can determine which bike, and option fit your wants, needs, and budget. 


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