Optibike High Performance Electric Bikes

What makes an Optibike electric bike unlike anything else? Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things.  Or that it lets you do so many things so easily.  Those are two reasons Optibike owners say they love their Optibike electric bicycle.  But there are many others as well.

The Ferrari of Electric Bikes

Named the Ferrari of Electric Bikes by both the New York Times and Forbes magazine.  The Optibike delivers performance that no other electric bicycle can match.  The only electric bicycle designed, made and built in the USA.  The Optibike delivers where other electric bikes fail.

Designed and built in America

Where the spirit of old world craftsmanship meets high technology, each Optibike is handcrafted to your specifications in Boulder Colorado.  Available in limited quantity, the Optibike is the fastest electric bike and is designed for those riders who seek the best and are ready to experience life at a new higher level.

The Long Range Electric Bicycle

The elusive style of the Optibike combines with unmatched hill climbing ability, the longest range of any electric bicycle and incredible handling and stopping power. You control your experience,  The exclusive patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) give you, the rider, complete control of your experience, the only electric bicycle having this technology.

Ride as far as you like and have power on the hills, keep control of your energy level.  The Optibike is the ultimate long range touring electric bicycle..  Riding the Optibike E-Bike produces an experience that is difficult to articulate but clearly understood by the rider.

The most versatile Electric Bike

Whether for weight loss, keeping fit by replacing car commuting or for fun and adventure with friends, riding the Optibike will change your life as it has hundreds of other lucky individuals. Contact Optibike to reserve. Designed by motocross champion Jim Turner, to give a perfect riding experience every time.

Read about the Optibike in Positive Impact Magazine

“Optibike was started in my Boulder, Colorado garage with a simple vision: Make the World’s best electric bicycle, with no compromises in quality, performance, or style.”



Optibike electric bike offroad

Marty Fried

The Optibike has been running great, dependable, fast, good handling and comfortable. I am having a great time with my 1100 R, riding about four days a week. For this eighty year old body, 30 plus degree climbs are no problem !!!!! I am able to ride with the young guns with this bike.

Demarcus Ware rides Optibike electric bike

Demarcus Ware

I really love the bike, I actually get a better work out with the Optibike. With a treadmill, it is boring, with the Optibike I am outside and having a great time

Bob Brewer wins electric bike weightloss challenge

Bob Brewer

The experience in the Optibike weight loss coaching program has changed my life. I haven’t been this weight since the end of college back in 1979! Lean, mean, fighting machine! My goal for this whole contest was 40 pounds. I had no clue that I could possibly lose this much weight this fast.