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John D. Rides the Oregon Outback Trail

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Just finished 225 miles on the Oregon Outback Trail! 4 days of gravel road and trails. The Optibike was superb. I carried about 40 lbs of gear, I weigh 182 lbs and I got nearly 40 miles of range including 1500 to 1800 ft of climbing per battery. Also the Optibike endured an all-night rain storm and clouds of dust.  …

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E Bike Riding Stress Free on Knees

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E Bike Riding  Stress Free on  Knees with Optibike Exclusive Bio Smooth. LIKE RIDING ON AIR! Optibike BIO SMOOTHTM  feature saves your Knees What happens when you ride a Traditional Bicycle: With traditional bikes your legs are forced to push harder at the top of the pedal stroke – which makes for an uneven, or irregular stroke. This can result…

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Bob Rides R11 on Slick Rock in Moab at 63

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The Optibike is a true revolution in cycling, transportation and sustainability, and has indeed transformed my life and mobility! Despite the weight of two batteries, my full suspension R11 performs gracefully and responsively on the trails and slickrock terrain in the Back of Beyond around my home in Southern Utah, riding like the wind. It has vastly enhanced the range…

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