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Optibike Celebrates Earth Day 2014

Optibike celebrates Earth Day 2014 in a number of ways. In fact, Optibike celebrates Earth Day every day. We reduce our carbon footprint everyday by commuting to and from work on our Optibikes instead of getting in our cars. A number of alarming facts and statistics from EVs Roll and the EPA wowed us. The 5 below stopped us in our tracks…
April 25, 2014
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New Law Would Allow Electric Bikes On Trails in CA

A bill introduced into the California legislature in February 2014 would allow electric bikes on trails. According to the California bill, any motorized bicycle that has fully operative pedals and an electric motor with a power output of no more than 750 watts, and is incapable of hitting speeds higher than 20 miles per hour would be classified as a…
April 17, 2014
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My Heart Centered Optibike Work Experience

One of the main reasons I joined Optibike was to help change peoples’ lives with the world’s finest electric bikes. Indeed, Optibikes change peoples lives. On a daily basis, I continue to be inspired by the stories of people who are now enjoying an increase in health, fitness, fun, adventure and aliveness. (more…)
April 14, 2014
Blogs by Optibike Team

Neal's Pioneer Allroad E-Bike Commute

I really enjoy my 10 mile round trip commute to and from work in Boulder taking in the beautiful views of the mountains, breathing in the fresh fair and soaking up the morning sunshine. I tend to switch up my commute with my conventional Trek mountain bike and the Pioneer Allroad electric bike. (more…)
April 9, 2014

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