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The Optibike 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

*Applies only to Optibikes purchased direct from Optibike, does not apply to dealers.

Optibike is the only motorized bicycle company to offer a 45 day satisfaction guarantee on its full line of E-Bikes.

45 Day Return Period

Ride your Optibike for 45 days. At the end of 45 days, if you do not love what we feel is the best electric bicycle on the market, send it back for a refund, no questions asked.

Our 45 day guarantee is the best on the market.

Our company can do this because of our unmatched quality, the latest in E-Bike technology, and unparalleled performance. We build the fastest electric bike in the world, and we feel they are the best electric bikes money can buy. If after 45 days you do not agree, send your bike back.

Many people are amazed that we offer this 45-day satisfaction guarantee with each new bike we sell. This is actually very easy for us to do. Optibike has been selling handmade electric bikes since 2006. Our reputation for quality and durability is unmatched. The goal of Optibike is to build the best electric bikes in the world, and we do that. We stand behind our goal. If after 45 days of riding your Optibike, you are not 100% in love with it, send it back for a full refund. We even cover the normal wear and tear.

True Personalized Service

At Optibike, personal service to our customers is key. From our custom bike fitting services, to the only weight loss electric bike program of its kind, you will find amazing customer service. You will work directly with the people who design and build the bikes, a truly dedicated staff. All Optibike components are made to our high standards, so you are assured of quality and long lasting performance.

Your customized E-Bike is hand built in our Colorado shop to your specifications. At Optibike, you are not a number, but a person. Each bike is identified by your name as it is built. No other electric bike company does this for you. The Optibike costs more, but when comparing performance, resale value and durability, the Optibike is a better value.

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45 Day Guarantee

No Questions Asked

Full Refund