Optibike PowerStorm MBB high power motor detail view

New - Optibike PowerStorm™ MBB

The worlds most powerful mid-drive motor!

Designed, Built, and Tested in Colorado by Optibike

Featured in our Elite Series Optibike models

The Specs

  • Up to 2500 watts of peak power *
  • Up to 1750 watts of continuous power *
  • Up to 190 newton meters of torque *
  • Small compact package
  • Long life gears
  • Hand built and individually tested at Optibike in the USA
  • Combines high acceleration with high efficiency
  • Won’t overheat even on steep hills
  • Provides a smooth easy riding experience
  • Lets an Optibike climb a 45% grade offroad!
* On the Optibike R17

Advantages compared to our previous motor and gearbox.

  • 10% lighter
  • Runs cooler under heavy loads, can maintain 1750W up steep hills in hot weather without overheating
  • Larger gears for longer life
  • Quieter and smoother
  • Machined from 6061 billet aluminum

What is it?

The Optibike MBB, also known as the Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB), was designed from the ground up by Optibike to satisfy the needs of our riders.

We designed an electric bicycle motor with the power and efficiency for long range touring, and with torque to climb the steepest hills without overheating.

The new PowerStorm™ extends that performance and makes a much better package.

We’ve increased the diameter to 128 millimeters and reduced the weight 10 percent, we’re able to put a bigger motor inside, and it has bigger gears for more reliability.

It runs much quieter and it’s much smoother than the old versions, all of this gives us the platform for much more power.

The motor housing, internals, and gears are machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum, there are no castings, and they’re built one at a time by hand here in Colorado and put in our elite series bikes.

The new PowerStorm™ is in our elite series of bikes, and we build the motor and the bikes here in Colorado. Optibike is the only E-Bike company to build its own motor, and there’s a reason we do this; we need more performance.