Stromer ST5 vs Optibike R8C

Compare Optibike with Stromer

The Stromer ST5 and Optibike R8C are both leaders in their class

Both have solid reputations, and both the R8C and ST5 are new models with a lot to offer

This page compares the specifications of both E-Bikes


The Stromer ST5 is built mainly for street use. It does not have suspension, so riding off road would be a rough ride. The Optibike R8C can be used both off road and on road, as it has long travel suspension both front and rear.


The Stromer frame is aluminum. The R8C frame and swingarm are carbon fiber.


The ST5 comes with aluminum fenders. Fenders are an option on the R8C.


The ST5 weighs 66.5 lbs and the R8C weighs 68 lbs. The R8C is only 1.5 lbs more even though the it has full front and rear suspension capable of going on very rough terrain.


The Stromer ST5 uses a rear hub motor with 650 watts of power. The Optibike R8C uses Optibikes patented motorized bottom bracket with 750 watts of output power.

The ST5 has 48 Nm of torque at the rear wheel. The R8C has 160 Nm of torque at the motor. And since the Optibike is a mid drive, the torque changes as it goes through the gears in the rear hub, giving it 208 Nm of torque at the rear wheel in 1st gear. The ST5 torque is fixed as it’s a hub motor design.

More torque lets you accelerate faster, and climb steeper hills, while also making it easier to start on an incline from a stop.

Both the ST5 and R8C have a top speed of 28 mph, as both are limited by US E-Bike classifications to 28 mph.


The ST5 uses a Shimano Alfine XTR Di2 11 speed rear derailleur system with an 11-42 gear for a 380% gear ratio change. The Optibike R8C uses a German Made Rohloff internal geared hub with 14 gears and a 520% gear ratio change.


The ST5 has a 48V 983Wh lithium-ion battery housed in the frame. The R8C has a 37V 1550Wh lithium-ion battery housed in a carbon fiber case that is integral to the frame.


The Stromer ST5 has an advertised range of 60-180 km (37-111 miles).

The Optibike R8C has a tested range of 100-180 miles with a 170lb rider averaging about 15 mph.

Front Suspension

The ST5 does not have front suspension and has a rigid aluminum fork. The R8C has a Fox 36mm fork with 160mm travel.

Rear Suspension

The ST5 does not have rear suspension. The R8C has a rear swingarm with a progressive linkage system and 200mm of travel.

The retail price of the Stromer ST5 is $9,999, or $11,098 if you add a suspension front fork. The Optibike R8C is $9,995.

The ST5 is made in overseas factory and customization is not available except for a front fork option.

The Optibike R8C is hand assembled in Colorado and each bike is customized for the individual rider with different seat, handlebar and tire options.  There are also fender options available. The R8C can be upgraded with higher end forks, wheels and has the option of a dropper seat post.

 Optibike R8CStromer ST5
Top Speed28 MPH28 MPH
Motor Power750W850W (650W USA)
Motor Torque160 Nm (208 Nm at rear wheel in 1st gear)48 Nm at rear wheel
Max Range65+ Miles (121 Miles using Stromer ST2 calculation*)111 Miles
Battery37V 29Ah 1073Wh48V 21Ah 983Wh
SuspensionFull front (160mm travel) and rear (220mm travel)None
Ideal ForOnroad, offroad, trail riding, commutingOnroad, commuting
Control MethodThrottle – gives precise control of motor torquePedelec
Weight68 lb66.5 lb