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Left angle view of R22 eMTB E-Bike

New for 2022

R22 Carbon Fiber Downhill eMTB


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Designed and Built in Colorado, USA*

The Fastest, Best Handling, Off-road E-Bike.
Built for those who need the absolute best in off-road performance.

  • Downhill Dual Crown Fork for Exceptional Handling and Stability
  • 36 MPH Top Speed
  • 1700 Watts Continuous Power | 2500 Peak
  • 190 Nm of Torque
  • 1630 Wh Removable Battery
  • Carbon Fiber Frame and Swingarm
  • Long Travel Suspension for rock solid handling
  • Up to 180 Mile Range
    160lb rider at 15 mph with pedaling

Upgrades from the R17

  • Dual Crown Fork

Hand built in CO, USA. Limited quantities available.
Shown with optional components.

6.5x More Power

Compared to Bosch CX

36 MPH top speed

With 1700 watts of continuous motor power, the R17 has plenty of power to get you moving fast, and lets you climb those steep hills in no time at all.

It also won’t overheat even when climbing in hot weather, meaning you get full performance for your entire ride.

2.5x More Torque

Compared to Bosch CX

Out climb any other E-Bike

190Nm of Torque will get you up any hill, let you effortlessly climb over ledges and logs, climb a 40% grade, and keeps you moving on rocky trails.

The Optibike PowerStorm™ MBB is designed and built by us Colorado. By designing our own motor we can push the limits of performance and integrate it seamlessly into our frame.

3x More Range

Compared to Bosch CX

The freedom to explore

The large 1,630Wh battery lets the R17 go long distances, 100+ miles on a single charge. The battery is also removable, undo 3 bolts and it slides out of the frame.

High capacity Li-ion cells combined with a Carbon Fiber case gives a lightweight battery, at only 18 lbs for 1630Wh of energy.

We design our own batteries so they can be as lightweight as possible and have a long lifespan.

Ride any Terrain

With 200mm of rear suspension travel from our custom designed linkage system, and a beefy front suspension fork, you get a ride that’s both comfortable and also extremely stable.

Great suspension lets you go fast on bumpy terrain, and keeps the tires planted on the ground so you don’t lose traction. It also lets you ride longer without getting fatigued.

Reliable Shifting

The R17 comes with a Rohloff 14 speed internally geared hub. No more chains falling off, no more clunky shifting, and less maintenance for you to deal with.

Longer Chain Life

With a Rohloff hub the chainline is kept straight which puts less wear on the chain, and smoother shifting stresses the chain less, so your chain lasts much longer compared to a derailleur system.

LCD Display

The LCD display is easy to read with large numbers, it’s visible even in bright sun, and at night with a backlight. It lets you choose from 5 separate power levels to suit your ride, each one having unique speed, power, and torque limits.

It shows your basic ride information such as:

  • Battery Gauge
  • Speed (Current, max, and average)
  • 2 Resettable Trip Odometers
  • Lifetime Odometer

Throttle Control

This bike uses a Throttle to control torque and power, the half-twist style throttle makes it easy to ride rough terrain without slipping or losing control.

Having a throttle allows for easier offroad riding, as you can climb over obstacles without hitting your pedals, and you have maximum torque even from a dead stop to get moving over steep terrain.

The throttle controls motor torque, twist the throttle more and you’ll accelerate quicker and go faster.

Ride with Confidence

  • Large disc brakes stop you quickly and stay cool down long descents.
  • Beefy suspension keeps the tires planted on the ground.
  • Low center of gravity and a rigid frame gives exceptional handling.

Optional Headlight and Taillight

With a custom built 2700 lumen headlight you can see the road or trail in front of you, and the taillight makes sure that everyone else can see you too.

Both run directly from the bike battery, so you don’t have any extra batteries to manage.

Built for You

We build each bike to order, and we fit it just for you.

Each R17 is hand built at our shop in Colorado, and we thoroughly test each bike before it gets sent out to you.

The R17 Frame, Swingarm, Motor, Battery, Headlight, and more are custom designed and hand assembled by us in Colorado.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials

R15C in Electric Bike Action Magazine

‘Add in a massive 52-volt battery pack, along with a 1500 watt-hour battery, and you quickly realize that the Optibike is something far out of the ordinary.’

Electric Bike Review tests the Optibike R15C Carbon Fiber eMTB


“Optibike’s new carbon fiber R15C w/ 3.35 hp and 100-mile range may be the new king of high performance e-bikes”


Our Verified Trustpilot Reviews


Compare Stats between Optibike Models


More power gives you a higher top speed, and lets you climb hills faster. In many places higher power is allowed for offroad use only.

R22 Everest Edition












Battery Capacity

A bigger battery means you can ride farther, it's like the fuel tank on a car.

R22 Everest Edition













More torque lets you start from a dead stop easier, gets you over obstacles, and lets you climb very steep hills.

R22 Everest Edition










About Battery Capacity and Range

A more powerful bike will use more energy per mile. Knobbier tires can also reduce range due to more rolling resistance on the road, and the terrain you ride on can also heavily affect the range you get.

At Optibike our ranges are based on actual usage and testing, as well as feedback from our customers.

There is no standard for E-Bike range like there is from the EPA for car fuel economy, as a result an electric bicycle manufacturer can claim whatever they like for their range and top speed. At Optibike we try to present estimated ranges and speeds that are as close as possible to what you’ll actually get.

Detailed Specifications

The BasicsTop Speed*36 MPH Limit
Max Range at 36 MPH28 Miles @ 36 MPH (160lb rider with pedaling)
Max Range at 28 MPH56 Miles @ 28 MPH (160lb rider with pedaling)
Max Range at 20 MPH126 Miles @ 20 MPH (160lb rider with pedaling)
Max Range at 15 MPH180 Miles @ 15 MPH (160lb rider with pedaling)
Power Levels5 Power Levels
Power ControlHalf Twist Torque Control Throttle
Display TypeOptibike LCD display with 5 power levels, cycle computer functions, battery gauge, and headlight control with backlight.
Headlight(Optional) Integrated 2700 Lumen LED Headlight with high/low switch.
Taillight(Optional) Integrated LED Taillight.
MotorOptibike PowerStorm™ MBB - 1700W continuous, 2500W peak, with 190Nm of Torque
BatteryRemovable 52V 31.5Ah 1630Wh Li-Ion Battery.
Weight: 18 lbs
MechanicalFront SuspensionDual Crown Suspension Fork
Rear SuspensionFox DHX Coil Spring Shock with dual rebound and compressions settings, 200mm Travel
Brakes4 Piston Hydraulic Downhill Disc Brakes
Gear ShiftRohloff Speedhub 500 14-Speed Internally Geared Hub
DrivetrainChain Drive
Front Wheel38mm Velocity Dually Rim, with 223mm rotor
Rear Wheel38mm Velocity Dually Rim, with 203mm rotor
TiresYour choice
Seat PostDropper Post, 50-150mm size ranges available.
Weight76 Lbs - Weight varies with configuration.
FrameTypeFull Carbon Fiber Frame, Swingarm, and Battery Case
Stand over28"

* Optibike Elite Series are designed and built in Colorado, with parts made in the USA and other countries.