In his years selling electric bikes, Optibike founder Jim Turner found many people did not understand the basics of electric bike technology or the potential of an electric bike to change their lives.

To solve this, Jim wrote The Electric Bike Book. The best Guide to Electric Bicycles.

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In The Electric Bike Book, author Jim Turner gives us an informative and entertaining look at the rapidly expanding world of electric bicycles.

Forget the do-it-yourself DIY garage projects with clunky hub motors mounted on heavy cruiser bikes. The reality is that hi-tech, modern electric bicycles have come of age in Western Europe and America, where quality manufacturers and some of the world’s best engineers are introducing amazing new technologies and design.

The results are innovative and highly efficient electric bicycles that provide safe alternative transportation in such a fun, healthy and environmentally responsible manner as to make urban automobile use obsolete.

The Electric Bike Book, Read Before Buying an E-Bike

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'The Electric Bike Book' by Jim Turner

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