Patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB)

You control your experience with the Optibike Motorized Bottom Bracket™ that was designed from the ground up by Optibike to satisfy the needs of American riders. The wide open spaces in America demand a bike with the power for long range touringand the capability to climb the steepest hills. The MBB has the highest power to volume ratio of any system in the world, allowing for full suspension and “true” bike handling.

  • Outstanding hill climbing capability
  • Will not overheat on the steepest climbs
  • Highest power to volume ratio in the industry
  • Patented Derivative Power Control™ (DPC)
  • Combines high acceleration with high efficiency for long ride times
  • Intuitive “Natural Bicycle” feel is best in the industry
  • Game changing Cool Carbon™ battery technology
Optibike MBB or Motorized Bottom Bracket

Lithium Ion Batteries

Optibike pioneered the use of Lithium Ion batteries in electric bikes and is now on its 5th generation of Lithium Ion batteries, all designed by Optibike and built in the USA. Optibike batteries are built to more rigorous standards than other electric bicycles. This is why they last so long.

Patented Cool Carbon™ keeps the Optibike battery cool when riding, doubling it’s life span, and allows Optibike electric bikes to offer the longest battery warranty in the industry.

The Optibike also has the largest battery capacity of any electric bike. The energy density is almost twice other bikes, which means less weight and unmatched long range touring for you. The result of cutting edge research and development, each cell block in the pack is individually controlled and monitored at all times to ensure maximum health.

  • State of the art pack configurations and cell chemistry
  • Cool Carbon™ technology keeps the cells cool for maximum life*
  • Packs lasts a minimum of 30,000 miles
  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • 90 mile plus range (with optional Touring Battery)
  • Highest energy density of any vehicle made in the world
  • Elegant low resistance and highly robust cell interconnect technology
*Available on 48V R15

Frame: Where Performance is Art

The beautiful and patented monocoque frame is constructed of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. From stamping to CNC machining, all components are made in the USA. Each frame is hand welded by master craftsmen. After heat treating, critical journal bearings are machined to a tolerance of less than 0.001 inch. This takes time, but gives the frame exceptional performance and durability. One look at the frame and it speaks for itself. It is aggressive, strong, and one of the main reasons that the Optibike can take on anything in an urban environment. Designed to have a low center of gravity, the Optibike is highly maneuverable and responsive.

  • Patented frame designed from the ground up by Optibike and made in USA
  • Monocoque is rigid and lightweight
  • Low center of gravity for better maneuverability and responsiveness
  • Low position of battery acts like a “keel” in boat, keeping bike most stable
  • All electronics safely secured in frame for protection from the elements
  • Frame houses the high capacity battery. The double wall of the frame and battery case provides maximum crash protection for the battery, unmatched in the industry
  • Unique, unified swingarm hand welded in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum for reduced weight and increased torsional rigidity

“Down 81 pounds! I haven’t been this weight since the end of college back in 1979! Lean, mean, fighting machine! Ok, not too lean, but real mean… and a fighting machine as you can see by this picture. The help of coach Traci Brown in the Optibike Weight Loss Program was key to my success.”

– Bob Brewer

Optibike Red Frame

Wheels and Brakes: Robust and Responsive

The Optibike uses high-strength DT Swiss rims laced to American made Chris King hubs in the front, and Avid hydraulic disk brakes. The Avid disk brakes are the same ones used on world champion downhill bikes and provided unparalleled stopping power.

  • Brakes are more precise, easier to modulate and require less effort
  • Up to 200 mm rotors for increased stopping power
  • Four pistons per caliper
  • High performance brake pads
  • Light and strong Swiss DT rims
Optibike Disk Brake

Suspension: From an American Legend

Optibike uses the world’s best off road bicycle suspension built by the American company FOX Racing Shox. Fox has been a leader in suspension off road technology since the 1970’s.

  • Kashima coating for reduced friction
  • Through front axle for high rigidity
  • Magnesium lowers for reduced weight
  • Front adjustments: Compression and rebound damping. and height adjustment
  • Rear adjustments: Air shock easily adjusted with supplied pump for wide range of rider weights. Adjustable rebound dampening and lock out provision
Optibike Rear Shock

Simple Controls: Focus on the Ride

The exclusive Optibike headlight assembly not only looks incredible but is easy and functional to use. No complicated menus to deal with when you are riding. Two power modes and bright headlights. All you really need.

  • Fast/ Eco switch to allow riders to select performance and range
  • Exclusive SAFE Mode gives you a reserve battery capacity to finish a ride.
  • Dual high intensity halogen headlights
  • Choice of Grips
  • Choice of seat designs
  • Choice of Pedals
  • Customized to your size and weight
  • Gearing: Rohloff 14 Speed Hub with Ultra Wide Range

The Rohloff 14 Speed internal hub is known the world over for its high performance and durability. All 14 speeds are housed inside the hub and it can be shifted when stopped. Easy, simple and durable-need we say more?

  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • No derailleur, no missed shifts, no broken chains
  • Long chain life
  • Can shift when stopped
  • Geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency
  • Ultra Wide range for climbing steepest hills
Optibike Display with Modes

Award Winning Custom Paint

Optibike is the only electric bicycle company to offer full complete custom paint jobs. These custom frames have incredible detail in design created by airbrush artists. These are the same artists that do custom Harley Davidson bikes where the paint job can cost $50,000 alone. Optibike is dedicated to providing the highest performance custom electric bikes in the world. Use one of our designs or design your own, the sky’s the limit.

Optibike Blue Flower Paint Job