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New Products

New RIOT Class 1 eMTB
Class 1 legal eMTB with monster torque
featuring the new PowerStorm MBB.

New PowerStorm Torque Sensor
Our MBB now has a dual-sided pedelec
torque sensor, easy riding awaits!

Pre-owned Bikes Available
We have several great pre-owned
options current available.

Lose Weight

Easy way to lose up to 80 pounds.

Stay Fit

Keep fit and save time by replacing boring car trips.

Have Fun!

For fun and adventure exploring and enjoying life.

Do you want to get in shape while having fun?

Do you love commuting to work, but hate arriving sweaty and out of breath?

Do you want to enjoy nature and take your bike into the mountains?


Optibike, America’s premier electric bicycle, is your answer. What are some e-bike benefits? Simply put, you can ride an Optibike like a regular bicycle, but any time you need a boost—whether it’s up a hill or on the way to work—the Optibike is there for you. Our motorized bikes offer the option to get an electric assist while pedaling, or take a break from pedaling altogether while still making forward progress.

Many people ask the question why not just ride a motorcycle instead of an electric bike and this is a good question. While motorcycles can often ride faster, they do not offer the health and fitness benefits of an Optibike. In addition, the Optibike allows you to use the bicycle infrastructure. With an Optibike, it is possible to obtain the thrill and exhilaration of a motorcycle in a safe and quiet way, there is not the maintenance issues of a gas motorcycle and the Optibike e-bike can easily be put in your car for transport.

Health and Fitness

Getting into the best shape of your life has never been so fun or easy. From long rides on flat ground to runs up and down gently rolling hills, these bikes will redefine your workout.

If you want to shed extra pounds, an Optibike will help you lose weight safely and without the stressful impact of other activities like jogging. Riding an Optibike will give you more energy and vitality, making you feel younger while lowering stress levels and improving your overall health.

Couple on Optibike Electric Bikes taking a break


Skip traffic and enjoy an easy cruise to work with our commuter e-bikes. With an electric motor to compliment your pedaling and a light, portable frame, these bikes are the efficient option for getting around town quickly.

Many people choose to forgo their cars and choose a more health-oriented, economical, and environmentally friendly way to travel to work. But if distance, hills, or your current physical shape are keeping you from taking this option, try the Optibike to get started for your ideal commute.

Road and Touring

Looking for a bike that can go the distance? Our road and touring electric bicycles hold bragging rights for the highest capacity battery available in an electric bike. Reliable, comfortable and built to last, these bikes are up for the adventure.

Plus, our comfortable seats and high-quality suspension frames make your ride as pleasant as you could imagine.

Light Trail and Road

Biking across town, running down the street for errands, impromptu rides into the foothills; tackle any objective with the Optibike. These E-Bikes are built to handle both road and light trail use.

Mountain and Off-Road

Ditch the granny gears and optimize your ride for serious thrills. Our Mountain & Off-Road electric bikes are built to enhance your experience by getting you up difficult terrain more efficiently – leaving you with more energy to enjoy the challenge.

You’ll be able to ride anywhere you want, and any time you need a boost, the Optibike will help you climb the steepest hills and reach the farthest destinations.

Optibike R11 riding on a rocky trail


Get fit together and make your rides even more fun with our electric bicycles made for couples! Ladies will enjoy the women’s-specific bike, constructed with a slightly smaller frame and adorned with colorful, custom paint jobs.

Couple riding optibikes with snowy mountains and lake in the background