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The Best Long Range E-bike

Which electric bike has the best range?

The Optibike R22 Everest Edition can go up to 300 Miles on a Single Charge

Do you want a long range e-bike that will take you anywhere?

We make the best electric bikes for people who want to go long distances; Our R22 Everest Edition will go up to 300 miles with its massive 52V 3.3kWh battery, and has plenty of torque and power to pull a heavy trailer behind you.

It also features a built in headlight and taillight for safety and nighttime riding.

300 Miles on a Charge

If you want to venture out for a long ride, the Optibike R22 Everest Edition is the way to go, our best long range e-bike, capable of going up to 300 miles on a single charge. With the highest capacity lithium ion batteries available in an electric bike, you can ride with absolute confidence.

150 Miles on a Charge

If you’re looking for something lighter but still capable of long range travel, the Optibike R17 and Optibike R10 are both able to go over 150 miles on a charge.

High Capacity Batteries

We use high energy density Lithium-ion batteries, this results in a light weight battery that can give you extreme range. The battery in our R17 weighs only 18 lbs and has 1630 Wh of energy!

Great Choice for a Long Range E-Bike

For long range bicycle touring Optibike is a great choice, you can ride very long distances, and also climb steep grades easily even with a trailer and extra weight behind you. The Elite Series also have easily removable batteries, so carrying a spare is easily done!

With accessories suited for cycle touring, like a rear rack, trailer mounts, and built in headlight and taillight for safety during the day and riding at night, you can have a great way to travel.

We offer the best options for ebike touring, our MBB motor mid-drive system maintains high efficiency even when climbing steep hills and pulling a trailer.

Our electric bikes are designed to run at their ratings without overheating, so you can fly up those long climbs without worrying about the bike.

Wind Resistance

Looking at the chart below of testing done with an R15C, it’s also easy to see how much wind resistance has an effect on efficiency and range, at higher speeds much more energy is wasted. And you can also see that pedaling has less effect at higher speeds, because the electric motor drive system (MBB) is adding much more power to reach that speed.

Optibike R15C Range Chart, up to 180 miles

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The Optibike electric bike carries enough energy to travel long distances on a single charge, and we have proven it. Way back at the 2006 Tour De Sol Electric Vehicle race held in upstate New York, Craig Weakley rode an Optibike 104 miles in less than 4 hours over a course of rolling hills with minimal pedaling, and we’ve improved so much since then!

Review: Remarkable Machine

Truly a remarkable riding machine. I am a seasoned pilot, supersport racer, boater and ultimate thrill seeker and at times it can be a real challenge to recreate the adrenaline rush we’ve all experienced on our first barrel roll or hair pin. The R15C is the only bike on the market that can consistently satisfy the desire for thrill and adventure. Every aspect of the R15C is developed with the highest standard of craftsmanship only obtainable by trial and error over decades of focus and determination. Bravo Jim Turner and the Optibike team, thank… Read more “Review: Remarkable Machine”

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