The Rohloff Hub - Incredibly Durable - Low Maintenance

The Rohloff Speedhub is an internally geared hub for bicycles.

Developed and patented by Rohloff AG in Germany.

It’s a great alternative to a derailleur for riders that want an extremely durable and also low maintenance option.

Wide Range

With 14 evenly spaced gears you have a perfect choice for every type of hill or terrain, from climbing 45% grades to cruising at 30+ MPH on the road.

Ease of Use

Another useful feature is you can shift gears while stopped, and you can skip gears very easily. This means when pulling up to a stop light you don’t need to remember to shift down before you come to a stop, and when on flatter terrain you can easily skip several gears at once, reducing the amount of gear changes you need to do on your ride.

Low Maintenance

The Rohloff Hub is also completely sealed, virtually no maintenance is needed other than an occasional oil change, and it’s very easy to keep clean as you only have a single rear sprocket which makes brushing dirt and mud off a simple process.

Long Life

Because there is only a single rear sprocket, chain life is also much better as the chain is kept straight 100% of the time, and there is less wear on the chain because it’s not jumping between sprockets like you have with a derailleur.

Here at Optibike we’ve been using the Rohloff Hub for many years and have never seen one fail, even with the huge amount of torque and power our bikes put out. They’ve been thoroughly tested and have proven they can handle whatever we throw at them.

Our Optibike R15C and R8C both come with the speedhub!

For even more info check out Rohloffs website.

Optibike R series rohloff 14 speed internal hub
Rohloff Speedhub Cutaway View