Optibike taking the lead in Boulder Velodrome

The Optibike is now being used in the Boulder Velodrome “Keirin” to lead the races. Even though track cycling is a unique sport and requires the use of specialized bicycles, Optibike is able to easily step in and set records.

What is a Keirin?

The Keirin is a mass start race in the velodrome. Typically 6-8 riders begin the race following the “derny.” There are 5-6 warm up laps, then the derny moves off the track and there is a multi lap sprint to the finish. In the past, the derny has been a gas motorcycle.

Optibike Replaces Gas Powered Derny

The Optibike is the first electric bike powerful enought to lead the pack of very fit cyclists and replace the motorcycle derny. The use of the Optibike eliminates the nauseating air pollution caused by the gas powered derny.

Unique Velodrome in Boulder has 45 degree Banked Turns

The Boulder Indoor Cycling velodrome track is unique in the United States, with 45 degree banked turns, its only 142 meters in length and is made of wood. The races are fast, and the short course creates huge G-forces in the turns with speeds up to 40 mph.

Standard Optibike Used on Track

Traditionally, bikes used in the Velodrome are specially designed custom bikes. The Optibike used as the derny is a stock Optibike, ridden in right off the street! The only changes made were slightly more narrow handlebars and the addition of street tires- with the power of an Optibike, the rider on the Optibike is able to lead multiple races and not tire out!

Velodrome and Pro Racing

In the world of Pro cycling racing, performance always is at the top of the list.

The versatility of the Optibike allows it not only to climb Pikes Peak and speed though off road trials, but also be used to pace Professional Bicycle racers in the Velodrome and in team training. Optibike has the speed and performance to do this.

The Velodrome is a banked circular tack that allows riders to achieve amazing speed. The Optibike easily leads these riders, to help them gain fitness. The Optibike is the only electric bike to have the speed and handling to do this.

Professional team trainers love the Optibike, as it allows them to easily ride with their Pro athletes on training rides. They can sprint to the front of the peloton and engage in conversation with the riders, far better than sitting in a chase car or motorcycle. (Most team trainers are ex pro riders and still enjoy riding, but they are no longer able to keep up. The Optibike makes them feel young again!)