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October 2009

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Doctors Orders: Buy a Hybrid

One family finds that their health, high gas prices, and high stress lives have a common solution. Like so many Americans, Keith and Mary Felch of Aliso Viejo, CA were deeply concerned about the rising cost of gasoline, their ailing health, and the amount of stress in their lives. Keith, who drives a Honda CRV, and Mary who drives a…
October 13, 2009
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Adventure Commuting

Making excuses for not riding my bike to work is easy.  Making excuses for not riding an Optibike to work is just as easy, it you want it to be. I live 17 miles from work.  4 miles of that is washboard dirt path.  3 miles of it is steep winding canyon with no shoulder and "rush hour" traffic.  There…
October 7, 2009

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