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The Electric Bike Book

What To Look For In An Electric Bike: Where to Purchase Your E-Bike

The decision to purchase your first electric bike can be a daunting one, especially to the uninitiated. Although not new technology,, the recent trend towards alternative means of transportation has rekindled an interest in electric bicycles. To introduce, further educate, and guide the consumer through the purchasing process, the staff here at Optibike is pleased to offer another installment in…
May 8, 2014
The Electric Bike Book

What To Look For In An Electric Bike: Types and Initial Considerations

When in the market for an electric bicycle (or ebike), many are surprised at the wide range of options available to them. Advancements in technology mean more variation in the types of ebikes available today, each with a unique set of specifications and performance features determining which is right for an individual rider. Other important considerations factor themselves into the…
March 6, 2014
Jim's Blog

Stanford Life Lessons #1 How an Hour Changed My Life

Note (This is a Life Lesson I learned while as a graduate Student at the Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Department. While at Stanford, I never dreamed of designing an electric bicycle, but all of these lessons have shaped the way I design the Optibike electric bike today.) Time is non linear. Sometimes a day or week or even a year…
January 15, 2014
Optibike News

Velosurance Launches Electric Bicycle Insurance Program

The electric bicycle is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to a 100% human pedal power bicycle. Until recently it was almost impossible to find a proper insurance policy to cover an e-bike for theft or damage and the rider for liability. Velosurance, a Fort Lauderdale, FL based bicycle insurance agency that launched a bicycle-specific insurance policy in 2012 now…
December 14, 2013
Jim's BlogOptibike News

Electric Bike Action Magazine Launches

It has finally happened! There is now a full paper magazine dedicated to electric bikes; Electric Bike Action. The magazine is being published by Hi Torque Publications who publish Motocross Action and Mountain Bike Action. This is another sign that e-bikes are now about to explode. Electric Bike Action editor Zapata Espinoza had this to tell me about the new…
December 12, 2013

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