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Blogs by Optibike Team

Benefits of Electric Mountain Bikes

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Modes of transportation have witnessed changes of a larger scale in the recent years. New models of luxury cars are launched every year that come with enhanced features and facilities. Bike lovers have now shifted their loyalties towards e-mountain bike because of the innumerable benefits they offer. Have a look at some of them: Fitness One of the major benefits…

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New Law Would Allow Electric Bikes On Trails in CA

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A bill introduced into the California legislature in February 2014 would  allow electric bikes on trails. According to the California bill, any motorized bicycle  that has fully operative pedals and  an electric motor with a power output of no more than 750  watts, and is incapable of hitting speeds higher than 20 miles per hour would be classified as  a…

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Alternative Transportation Part 4 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs Bikes

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In Part 1 of our Four Part Alternative Transportation Blog Series, Electric Bikes vs Cars, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. automobiles and what the yearly cost savings can be. In Part 2, Electric Bikes vs. The Bus, we found out how e bikes can save time, provide exercise, and  save you money over a bus. Part 3, Electric Bikes…

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Mt Evans E Bike Ride

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Hey everyone, Kyle here (Production Manager at Optibike) following up from the last blog post “The World’s Highest Performing Electric Bike”. I talked about how Optibike is made of only the highest quality of parts made in the USA and how these bikes are great for on road or off-road. I thought I would tell you more about my experience…

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