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Alternative Transportation Part 1 – A Closer Look At Electric Bikes vs. Automobiles

By March 6, 2014July 7th, 2018No Comments

In the first installment of this four part blog series on alternative transportation of using electric bikes, we look at the Electric Bike vs. Car, SUV, Truck, or Van.

Many people have mulled over giving up their 2nd car for an electric bike and adjusting to a 1 car household. Others have made the switch and are now without a car and using an e-bike for their primary mode of transportation. An electric bike can be an ideal alternative   for commuting to and from work, running errands around town, grocery shopping, visiting family and friends and going on dates with your significant other.

There are a few “A ha” insights that swayed peoples’ decisions to give up their car, suv, truck or van for an electric bike. An electric bike is the perfect replacement for those shorter trips  under 12 miles.

electric bikeHigh Quality Exercise

One advantage of using an electric bike for commuting to and from work is fitting in high quality exercise time on your commute instead of taking a run after work or going to the gym for cardio exercise. Most of us have very busy schedules balancing our duties and responsibilities in our personal and work lives. So, you can SAVE TIME and spend more time with the people you care about most during the weekdays. Enjoy family dinners and evening down time before the kids go to sleep.

Save Money on Gas

What can be really powerful is the awareness of saving $$$$ from many sources when you decrease your car, suv, truck or van use and/or get rid of your vehicle all together. We all have been there in the summer filling up the gas tank at $3.00 to $5.00 a gallon and swiping the debit card or credit card for $75 or more with each fill up. Over time, this adds up to thousands of dollars spent on gas. See a breakdown of savings at the bottom of this post.

Reduce Stress

How annoying and frustrating it is for us sitting in stand still traffic or crawling along slowly in a traffic jam. Can you say increase in stress levels? People get so furious and angry sitting in “dead time” knowing for example a 30 minute commute without traffic can be 1 hour or more with traffic. The “dead time” over a work week in rush hour traffic in the morning and evening can add up to 3 hours or more. Don’t you want those extra 3 hours during the week for the things that bring more joy and happiness in your life? In particular, during the evening commute after a long productive work day, you just want to get home as fast as possible to see your family and pets.

No Parking Fees

In addition, whenever you run errands around town, go to the gym, or go to the grocery store, it is no fun finding a parking spot in crowded parking lots. Driving around in circles over and over increases your stress levels too. Start adding up the savings from putting quarters in the meter, meter tickets for running out of time, parking fees in garages, lots and parking fees at the airport when you travel for work or vacation.

No Speeding Tickets

Can you count how many times you were running late for various reasons and you jumped in your car to get where you need to be on time? You start exceeding the speed limit and those lovely sirens from the police seem to appear out of nowhere so ready to give you a speeding ticket which can range from $20 to $200. Once again you are paying out of pocket for the ticket and lose more time. Even worse, are those cameras snapping  photos of you going through the yellow light before it turned red and another ticket. Don’t you just love opening up your mail and seeing your picture with the ticket to pay for going through the red light?

No High Cost Car Repairs

So many people are frustrated when having to take their car in to the repair shop for yearly maintenance. These costs add up quickly when insurance doesn’t cover it.  Driving your car over 15,000 miles a year translates into some parts needing replaced and it’s not so cool seeing how much the BIG repairs cost.

Lastly, insurance costs can go through the roof depending on the year. It can be so annoying shopping around every year and switching insurance companies just to have the cheapest price for insurance.

An electric bike can eliminate many of the hassles, stress, frustration and annoyances that come with using a car, suv, truck, or van for transportation. You save time, you save money and you save your emotional well being in many cases. You also can reduce your carbon footprint and be a part of the solution.

The Huge Cost Savings Are Clear

As promised here is some information that highlights possible savings over a year switching to to an electric bike. See the electric bike cost savings below:

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As you can see, the savings you get from an electric bike will benefit you in the long run. Wouldn’t it be nice to use that money you were spending on your vehicle and put it towards a nice relaxing vacation? So what are you waiting for, contact one of our customer service reps today at 303-443-0932. Stay tuned for our follow up post on this series that discusses the electric bike vs. the bus.


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