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10-Year Anniversary as the Oldest Maker of Electric Bicycles in America

Optibike Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary as the Oldest Maker of Electric Bicycles in America Paonia, CO - Optibike inventor Jim Turner is proud to announce that the company has now officially been building custom, handcrafted high performance electric bicycles for 10 years. On a mission to manufacture the best quality E-bikes in America, Optibike sells its products all over the world,…
November 29, 2017
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March Trade In Month – Free T Shirt

March Trade In Month March is Trade In Month at Optibike! It is a perfect time to trade in your old two wheeled vehicle for a new Optibike Electric Bicycle. We are taking regular bicycles, e bikes, dirt bikes and motorcycles in trade. Receive a minimum of $1500.00 trade in on any R series Optibike.See below for more details and…
March 11, 2015
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90 Day Love It Or Return It E-Bike Guarantee-Real World Examples

Optibike's 90 day love it or return it e-bike guarantee provides our customers the confidence and certainty that they are making the right choice for purchasing the perfect electric bike. We are highly confident everyone will absolutely love our Optibikes and it will change your life. Sometimes we are wrong and we do get a few people to return their…
July 17, 2014
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Great Overview of Optibike History

This article appears in Innovation News www.innovationews.com by Curt MacDougall These days, when the topic of battery-powered transportation comes up, the conversation immediately turns to electric cars. But there's a Boulder-based firm that's hoping to change all that. Optibike has been building electric bicycles for nearly a decade, and it looks like people are starting to take notice. (more…)
May 2, 2014
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My Optibike E-Bike Experience

It was a chilly September morning, 8:00 am in Moab, Utah at Bullrun Singletrack trailhead. Geared up, ready to go, standing over my brand new Optibike R11 e bike. Nervous. Excited. Hopeful. The unknowns: the trail, the weather, my capabilities, but most of all the bike. I had big expectations, hopes, dreams on the line. I’d been seriously into cycling…
February 6, 2014

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