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Amazing Story from the UK

This story came to us from Optibike owner Paul C.- Wow.  Thanks for the inspiration Paul. ------------------ Occasionally in life, we make a discovery, either after extended research and design, but more often by sheer luck and chance.  Even more rarely, can these discoveries have a huge effect on ones life.  For me, finding Optibike  was a function of all of the…
March 14, 2012
Ask Optibike!

Winter Storage Tips for your Optibike Lithium Ion Battery

With cold weather here, caring for your lithium ion battery is critical for long cycle life and optimal performance. Do not store your bike in temperatures below -17C (0F) or above 27C (80F). Prolonged storage outside this temperature range may cause permanent damage the battery - Keep bike warm and indoors prior to riding for peak performance. Do NOT charge the battery…
February 14, 2012
Ask Optibike!

Ask Optibike! Q: Does the Optibike have regenerative braking like some hybrid cars?

A:  In short, no.  There are a few reasons why we decided not to offer "regen" on the Optibike. 1. Compromised riding experience.  Bikes we have ridden with regenerative braking have been heavy, a bit clumsy, and generally require a hub motor to capture the relatively small amount of energy that is recovered through slowing down. 2. Excessively complicated. In…
February 8, 2012