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February 2009

Ask Optibike!

Which headlights are brighter: Halogen or LED?

We have had this question come up several times, so we decided to revisit the subject. A few years ago, we tested some LED bulbs and they were no where near as bright as the Halogen bulbs are using as headlights on all Optibike models. One of our customers replaced the halogen bulbs in his Optibike 800Li with LED bulbs…
February 18, 2009
How do we do it?

The Optibike Electric bike fitting process

As many of you know, each Optibike is hand built in our factory in Boulder, CO from the frame up with the customers name (literally) on the bike. This way, we can build the bike to fit the customer perfectly. Optibike is the only electric bike company that offers free custom bike fitting. In the fitting questionaire (which is soon…
February 17, 2009

History of Optibike

Check out this video of the history of Optibike, the world's greatest electric bike. Discover how Optibike came to be the best e-bike on the market today. Optibike History
February 5, 2009

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