The Optibike Electric bike fitting process

By February 17, 2009July 7th, 2018How do we do it?

As many of you know, each Optibike is hand built in our factory in Boulder, CO from the frame up with the customers name (literally) on the bike.  This way, we can build the bike to fit the customer perfectly.  Optibike is the only electric bike company that offers free custom bike fitting.

In the fitting questionaire (which is soon to be automated on the website), the customers fill in the following information:

1)  height

2)  weight

3)  inseam length

4)  arm length (shoulder to hand)

5)  riding style selection (we use this to set the Fox suspension rebound speed)

6)  Tire choice selection (we offer 3 distinct tread patterns at no charge!!)

7)  and finally, customers choose any upgrades they would like.  In terms of upgrades, we offer suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, wheelsets, extra batteries, custom paint, ……… and much more!

Once we have all of the measurements and choices from the customer, the customers “build sheet” is created.  This build sheet is what goes to the bike builder so the customers bike can be put together.  Different size stems (the part that connects the handlebar to the stearing tube), different seats, handlebars, seat posts, and numerous shims/spacers/ adjustments are made with the customers bike in mind.

Each Optibike fit is guaranteed as part of the industry leading 90 day money back guarantee- if you do not like it- we will take it back.  No questions asked.


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