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Optibike R15C Electric Bike Fit and Sizing

Optibike R15C Electric Bike Fit and Sizing

The Optibike R15C Electric Bike is designed to fit a wide range of rider heights and weight. The versatile frame has the lowest stand over of any bike with a huge 1500 watt hour battery. The frame is slim and easy to ride. Other E bikes with larger batteries have very high stand over and are fat, making them difficult to mount and ride. The weight of their battery is also high so handling is not as stable or precise as the R15C. Optibike personally works with each rider to design the fit of the bike to the rider’s particular needs.

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Optimizing Rider Position for Comfort and Control

Optimizing Rider Position for Comfort and Control

Optibike has found from over a decade of working with E Bike riders that most riders want a different riding position from a regular bike. They often like the handlebars higher, seat a bit lower and the reach shorter for a more upright riding position. They are looking for comfort first so the long rides are fun.

On a regular bike, the riding position is often configured for maximum efficiency, without an emphasis on rider comfort. With an E Bike, a little efficiency loss is offset by the motor and rider comfort becomes the main target.

R15C with stand over dimensions

R15C Frame Fit Dimensions

Rider Height

The R15C will fit riders from approximately 5’5″ to 6’6″. Riders shorter or taller may still fit depending on their body dimensions. Each bike is custom adjusted to the riders riding style, height and weight.

Stand Over

Stand over is the height of the frame where you are straddling the bike with feet on the ground. The R15C ultra low stand over is only 28 inches, so riders with a 29 inch inseam are able to have their feet flat on the ground when standing over the bike. (Your inseam is typically your pant size. For a better measurement, put a book against your crotch and measure from top of book to the ground with your shoes on. This will give your inseam. Watch video on this method)  Generally you want the stand over 1-2 inches lower than your inseam. Stand over varies about 1 inch based on tire size and fork travel chosen.


Reach is the distance for the center of the seat to center of the handlebars. This can be adjusted by changing the height of the seat, the position of seat on seat post and the handlebar stem. The R15C has a very shallow seat angle, so as the seat is adjusted higher, for taller riders, the reach increases. The reach can be adjusted from 24 to 30 inches on the R15C. There is no exact formula for reach versus rider height. Riders that want a more upright riding position will want a shorter reach.

Handlebar Height

Handlebar height can be adjusted with the spacers under stem, the stem angle and the rise of the handlebar. With the R15C, the handlebar height can be adjusted over a range of 5 inches. Riders that want a more upright riding position to relive pressure on shoulders an back will want a higher handlebar height.

Seat Height

Many riders like to have lower seat height to feel comfortable. The Fox dropper seat post on the R15C has an adjustment range of 5 inches. The height of the seat is quickly adjusted while riding with a lever on the handlebars. We often use a lower seat height in town, whee we have to dismount a lot at stop signs and a higher seat height on the open rode. The minimum height of the R15C seat is 36 inches with the dropper seat post. If a rigid seat post is used, then the minimum height is 34 inches.

In Summary, E bikes are different. Optibike focuses on designing the best rider comfort in E bikes and works with each rider to make the bike a perfect fit.

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Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes