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Earth Day, Electric Bikes and Your Health

Earth Day, Electric Bikes and Your Health

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I read that the North Face was closing all its 113 stores for Earth Day on April 22nd. They said they’re closing the store so their employees could break away from technology and get back in nature.

It got me thinking about how important nature is to us in this high tech connected world and how an electric bike is a vital part of getting away and regenerating ourselves. And an E Bike is something that can easily be incorporated into our lives everyday.

Break Away and Recharge

Nature reinvigorates us and recharges our batteries. Today we are so connected to technology. We are both distracted by it and engaged in it. Our lives are governed by technology. It is now almost dictating our every move.

best e-mountain bikeWe need to take breaks and get away. We need to get into nature, as it makes us feel free; that’s why I designed the Optibike over 20 years ago. I realized to get out and explore, to feel that freedom was an invaluable asset of life and we all need it.


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More Than Cardiovascular Exercise

Not only do we get cardiovascular exercise, riding an E Bike, which is essential but we also get the vestibular system activated. The balance requirements of riding a bicycle act on our vestibular system and I believe this does something in our primal body that tells us we are alive. It activates a whole range of hormones as our body is required to be more.

We all live such sedentary lives, partly because of technology. Robots and technology do so much of the physical work now. Most of us are bound to chairs during the day. We become lifeless and listless.

We need time to get away.

Our brains need time to wander and wonder.

A Short Ride Changes Lives

When I ride home, that short 20-minute ride on my Optibike reinvigorates me. Blood begins to flow to my tired legs from sitting and standing and my eyes move. They see the birds, they see nature. I feel in touch with the very essence of life and somehow that heals me and recharges me.  We all need this.

Being in nature has shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Veterans are being out in nature to combat PTSD.

Being in nature is harder and harder to do, as we mostly live urbanized lives. Riding an electric bike gives you that chance to disengage, whether it be 20 minutes or 2 hours. You have the chance to feel free again, that  freedom of a child.

Review LB Burrow Optibike R11The Doctor said: “Lose weight or die”

If you lose your health it is devastating. No amount of money is a replacement for our health. I had a customer years ago who called me and he was interested in Optibike. He was in his fifties and he had been to see the doctor and the doctor told him he needed to lose weight desperately. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be here in five years. He looked at going to a fat farm to learn to exercise but he decided to buy a Optibike instead.  The price of Optibike was about ten days of the fat farm and he felt the Optibike would have much more lasting effects. He borrowed from his 401k to buy the Optibike because he said if I didn’t lose weight and improve his health, he would not be around to need his 401k. He began to ride his Optibike. In four months he lost 40 lbs, lowered his blood pressure and was riding a hundred miles on the weekend.

He was ecstatic, he regained his life.

He was in control of his life again.

Take Control of Your Life

Change your life, take control of your life, be free again, adventure, get back out into nature. Those little moments add up. There’s something about riding down the road on a bike that isn’t like a car, you see more, you see the birds you see the little insects on the side of the road, you feel a part of nature and the pounds begin to melt away. Your energy increases and you feel vitalized and you know that you were alive.Review Dave Kammer Optibike R11

Earth Day is about the Earth. The Earth gives us life. From the Earth we get our food and our water and our shelter. Our very existence depends on the Earth. We need to be immersed in nature to be fully alive.


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes