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60 Mile eMTB trip with 8,500 foot climb

We’re up here in the Gunnison national forest transiting into Grand Mesa and the view is incredible.

We’re at 10,100 feet, been climbing on this beautiful dirt single track kind of trails through the forest, aspen woods, meadows it’s unbelievable.

That’s why I love this R22 Everest edition, because with these dual batteries it gives us the freedom to really roam, have a good time, and ride out into these wilderness areas which you just you can’t do otherwise.

It’s just it’s the greatest experience for me, I’ve been working for years to build this Everest addition because of my dream of being able to go up in the mountains like this, go to 10,000 feet, go on 50 or 100 mile rides.

You can ride up here and don’t have to drive your car either. We didn’t drive our car with our bikes to the trailhead, we just rode up.

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