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Earth Day, Electric Bikes and Your Health

Earth Day, Electric Bikes and Your Health I read that the North Face was closing all its 113 stores for Earth Day on April 22nd. They said they're closing the store so their employees could break away from technology and get back in nature. It got me thinking about how important nature is to us in this high tech connected…
April 22, 2019
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The summer on the Optibike

By Tim Kyer It’s been a great summer on the Optibike 1100R-Pro, a special variant built for use in professional racing and training settings!  Having now had world and national champions “on the wheel” of the 1100R-Pro, both on the road and in velodromes, we’ve continued to prove the professional potential of our patented mid-drive technology on a global stage. …
August 21, 2012