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April 2009

What range and electric bikes really means to you (or at least us!)

By | Ask Optibike!, Fitness, Health, How do we do it?, Optibike News

Riding an electric bike is about freedom (the real kind),exhilaration, fitness, fun, and a host of other emotions/sensations.  Where does range and distance fit into this experience? Having adequate range on an electric bike is about having NO LIMITS.  Whether you are cruising the open road, getting groceries, or exploring a vast wilderness area- we believe that you should stop…

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What design elements go into a Womens Specific Optibike?

By | Ask Optibike!, Fitness, How do we do it?

In the next 2 weeks, the first Womens Specific Optibike Electric bike will be available for delivery.  What makes the womens bike good- for women? 1)  Lightweight.  The Optibike Helia is specifically designed to be as light as possible. Air filled suspension. The front and rear suspension are filled with air, not heavy oil giving Optibike riding ladies all the…

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