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July 2012

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Optibike Development History

  After first investigating hub motors in 1996, Optibike developed this first mid drive unit 12 years ago in 1997. This unit featured 24 volts with a 15 amp -hr lead acid battery and about 350 watts of power. The motor was off board on the crank axle and drove through the final drive chain (other companies still use variations…
July 30, 2012

Weekend Notes: Mount Evans Optibike Ride

 WEEKEND NOTES: Kyle (Production Manager at Optibike) here just letting you know about a really fun ride I did the other weekend. Originally I had planned to ride the Pikes Peak, Assault on the Peak 2012, like I have done the previous two years with the rest of the Optibike Team.  However to my disappointment, this year the Assault on…
July 25, 2012
Fitness reviews the Optibike

"Is there any place this thing can’t go? It plows through mountain bike trails like they’re stairways to heaven. It negotiates multi-use paths efficiently yet with just the right amount of stealth. On the road it’s the best of both worlds with the maneuvering ability of a bicycle but the get-up-and-go of a motorcycle. On the racetrack, coaches use it…
July 24, 2012

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