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October 2012


Ride an Optibike for Less than $32 Per Month

It is possible to ride an Optibike for three years and have the total cost of ownership be less than $32 per month. You will also burn 15 pounds of fat and have 2 extra hours of  free time per week. (See Table Below). This amazing result  is based on replacing 3,000 miles per year of car driving with the…
October 15, 2012
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Optibike Fall Adventure With Neal

By Neal Topper I love Fall! I so enjoy the cooling of the temperatures, football season starting, pumpkins all over the place, trees shedding their leaves and changing colors and the beautiful views of Colorado. Last weekend, I went on a awesomely cool and fun bike ride on an Optibike. I was cruising around Boulder and went into the mountains…
October 14, 2012
Press Releases

Optibike Appoints Neal Topper to Staff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Optibike Appoints Neal Topper to Staff October 10, 2012   (Boulder, CO) –. Optibike is pleased to announce that Neal Topper has joined Optibike as the new Electric Bike Solutions Expert. Originally from Pennsylvania, Neal moved to Boulder in 2005. Neal holds a Masters Degree in Sport Marketing from Indiana University.  Topper primary responsibility will be helping customers…
October 11, 2012
Press Releases

Jim Turner Selected as Judge at the The DaVinci Inventor Showcase

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jim Turner Selected as Judge at the The DaVinci Inventor Showcase October 10, 2012 (Boulder, CO) –. Optibike founder Jim Turner has been selected as a judge for the 2012 DaVinci Inventor Showcase. Optibike, Turner’s company based in Boulder, won the competition in 2008. "It is a great opportunity to be a judge at the event that…
October 9, 2012

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