Optibike Fall Adventure With Neal

By October 14, 2012July 7th, 2018Blogs by Optibike Team, Other fun stuff

By Neal Topper

I love Fall! I so enjoy the cooling of the temperatures, football season starting, pumpkins all over the place, trees shedding their leaves and changing colors and the beautiful views of Colorado. Last weekend, I went on a awesomely cool and fun bike ride on an Optibike. I was cruising around Boulder and went into the mountains for a long extended ride. Getting up the hills with ease and taking in the scenic views of the mountains and trees was lots of fun. I always enjoy going on an adventure and exploring new areas with my Optibike. I can travel faster and further on my Optibike compared to a conventional mountain bike. After so much fun and good times in the mountains I locked up the Optibike outside one of my favorite beer places in Boulder… savored a good Colorado microbrew and made my way home.

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