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Ride an Optibike for Less than $32 Per Month

It is possible to ride an Optibike for three years and have the total cost of ownership be less than $32 per month. You will also burn 15 pounds of fat and have 2 extra hours of  free time per week. (See Table Below).

This amazing result  is based on replacing 3,000 miles per year of car driving with the Optibike. Three thousand miles a year is easy to do. This  is the equivalent of 57 miles per week.  This is easy to do. Replace a few commutes to work or the store per week and you have quickly done 60 miles.

During those three thousand miles you will burn 75,000 calories, which can translate into at least  15 pounds of fat lost.

The time you spend riding the Optibike, is time you do not need to spend exercising. You have replaced dead car commute time with exciting electric bike time and have 2 extra hours of time per week. Exercise has now become an integral part of your life, leading to long lasting health.

Cost of Riding Optibike for Three Years  is Less than $32 per month

Expenses Savings Per Year Sale of used Optibike
Optibike 850Xli Purchase Price $9,950
Electricity for Optibike ($6 per year) $18
Optibike Maintenance for 9,000 miles $300
Three year Savings on Car Gasoline* $1,800
Three year Savings on Car maintenance* $1,800
Optibike Resale Price after 3 years** $5,500
Total $10,268 $3,600 $5,500
                                    Total Cost for 3 years =  $1,168
Total  Cost Calculation:  $10,268 – $3,600 – $5,500 = $1,168
*Based on 3,000 Car miles replaced by Optibike per year. Car with 20 MPG and $4.00 per gallon of gas. Car maintenance estimated at $.20 per mile driven in car.
** Optibike Resale Price based on recent sales of 850Xli by Optibike. Actual resale price may vary based on condition of bike and current market conditions in three years.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes