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Optibike Review: Riding an Optibike makes me feel like Superman!

from Optibiker: Jason Ferweda

I enjoy how fast I can ride; and when I really need an intense workout, there is nothing like the feeling of speed to help inspire me to push harder on the pedals. Many people think an E bike is no workout, but trust me, the exhilaration leads me to have the most intense workouts of my life.jason ferweda 2

And for those days when I’m not feeling so enthusiastic, the knowledge that the bike can “fill the gap” for the effort I feel I am lacking can make the difference between riding, or taking the car as would be the case with any other bike. And more often than not, after I start riding, I find that have lots more energy than I thought I had due to the fun I’m having.

Nancy finds that she enjoys riding more with me, because the power allows her to keep up with me instead of being left far behind as would be the case with a normal bike. It leads to more “together time” and more shared experiences. We enjoyed riding all over Europe on our Optibikes together.

I also found that it helped me rehabilitate my wrecked knee, as it helped me ride more, and when the pain started to flare up, the bike could take me home without me being stranded in the middle of nowhere because of the pain.jason ferweda

The fact that the bikes are so quiet have let us both enjoy places in nature that we might not have been able to enjoy on something like a noisy dirt motorcycle. So fast, yet so peaceful!

We are happy to help people test ride one, but be careful; they are very addicting!





Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes