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Worlds fastest electric bicycle drives 44% sales increase.

By | Optibike News

May 18, 2009 Boulder, CO:   The American made Optibike 850Xli may look like a regular mountain bike, but stealthily mounted inside the bottom bracket is an electric motor capable of producing nearly twice the power of cycling champion Lance Armstrong. The Optibike 850Xli is the invention of award winning electric bike designer Jim Turner who claims his latest bike is…

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What range and electric bikes really means to you (or at least us!)

By | Ask Optibike!, Fitness, Health, How do we do it?, Optibike News

Riding an electric bike is about freedom (the real kind),exhilaration, fitness, fun, and a host of other emotions/sensations.  Where does range and distance fit into this experience? Having adequate range on an electric bike is about having NO LIMITS.  Whether you are cruising the open road, getting groceries, or exploring a vast wilderness area- we believe that you should stop…

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