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April 2012


Electric Bike Review: Optibike 1100R

Are you looking for a fast, powerful, and custom off road electric bike that is built in the USA?  The Optibike 1100R may be your next e-bike.  Just be prepared to pay the price! The Optibike 1100R is so fast and powerful that it won the Pikes Peak hill climb race in Colorado in 2011.  Not only did it win,…
April 18, 2012

Optibike Hits the Velodrome

Optibike, the world’s leading high performance electric bike, is circling Boulder’s velodrome and stirring much excitement. Optibike has found its place as a coaching and pacing tool in Boulder’s renowned velodrome. Boulder’s velodrome is home to a variety of classes, workouts, professional riders and teams. The facility offers riders of all abilities the fun of indoor cycling. “The Optibike has…
April 18, 2012

Optibike Weight Loss Challenge Overview

Optibike is proud to offer their Weight Loss Challenge featuring coach Traci Brown. Once participants purchase an Optibike, they can participate in the year long program. No other bike company in the world offers you the perfect way to exercise, challenges you to do it and helps you along the way. Rarely do beginners have the opportunity to work with…
April 17, 2012
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Accessories You Need for the Road to Success

Ok, so you’ve got an Optibike.  What’s next?  Well, you have to ride it.  But you have not exercised in a while.  Maybe a long while.  And maybe you have never ridden a bike for exercise. The key to success is comfort.  Comfort creates consistency.  To be comfortable, your accessories must fit correctly and be the right pieces of equipment…
April 17, 2012
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Winner of 2011 Weight Loss Challenge Announced

Optibike Electric Bicycles is proud to announce Bob Brewer of San Diego, CA the winner of the 2011-2012 Optibike Weight Loss Challenge. Bob Brewer lost 89 lbs., beat diabetes and is free of the debilitating disease. Brewer wins $5000 to donate to a charity of his choice. Contestants spent the year riding their Optibike, changing eating habits and learning healthy…
April 3, 2012

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