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Optibike Weight Loss Challenge Overview

Optibike is proud to offer their Weight Loss Challenge featuring coach Traci Brown. Once participants purchase an Optibike, they can participate in the year long program.

No other bike company in the world offers you the perfect way to exercise, challenges you to do it and helps you along the way.

Rarely do beginners have the opportunity to work with an elite coach in this intimate setting.  Traci uses her years of elite amateur and pro bike racing experience to coach Optibikers so they become not just healthy and fit, but great cyclists at the same time.

Participants can work with Traci in a variety of ways.  Basic level coaching includes a series of bi-weekly conference calls that address topics ranging from bike fit, proper training, pedaling efficiency, creative nutrition options, proper hydration and all the accessories you need to make riding really fun.

Silver level coaching includes a custom schedule just for you based on your schedule and personal needs. You are guided along your personal path towards success with Traci. She utilizes her 22 years racing and coaching at the highest levels of the sport.

Traci is a 3 Time Us Collegiate National Champion and former member of Team USA.

Maybe you do not want to be the best in the world. You want to do is be the best that you can be, and find a great balance of health and fitness. Traci teaches you the techniques so you ride efficiently and correctly. This allows you to maximize your training and your time and find long term enjoyment.

Is the road easy?  No.  Does it take commitment?  Yes. But nothing worth doing is easy.

The key to this program is the integration of the Optibike into your life for a successful lifestyle change.  You have an expert guide with the fitness program. All you have to do is commit.

A training week may include a couple of long rides, some interval days and of course rest. Yes, rest as hard as you train!  In the winter we schedule whatever activities are available in your area, skiing, hiking, gym workouts and spin classes.  Programs are designed with your work and travel schedule, all with the idea of maximum results in minimum time.

For more information on Traci Brown, please visit

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes