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Ask Optibike: "Why do you use the monocoque frame design?"

By | Ask Optibike!, How do we do it?

Great Question.  A great electric bicycle is perfectly balanced, the Optibike has the lowest center of gravity of any electric bike. Balance and Performance based design Award winning electric bike designer and former National Motocross champion Jim Turner designed the patented Optibike monocoque frame from scratch to include 4 key elements: balance, style, performance, and safety. Balance The Optibike frame…

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One riders experience with a quiver of Electric bikes.

By | Fitness

This wirteup was posted to a forum populated with perhaps the most dedicated group of electric bike enthusiasts on the internet.  These guys and gals have collectively tried about every combination of E-bike, kit, and everything inbetween on the market today.  You can find them at: http://groups.google.com/group/Tidalforce Al, one of the long time members of the group gives his account…

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What range and electric bikes really means to you (or at least us!)

By | Ask Optibike!, Fitness, Health, How do we do it?, Optibike News

Riding an electric bike is about freedom (the real kind),exhilaration, fitness, fun, and a host of other emotions/sensations.  Where does range and distance fit into this experience? Having adequate range on an electric bike is about having NO LIMITS.  Whether you are cruising the open road, getting groceries, or exploring a vast wilderness area- we believe that you should stop…

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