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Ask Optibike: "Why do you use the monocoque frame design?"

Great Question.  A great electric bicycle is perfectly balanced, the Optibike has the lowest center of gravity of any electric bike.

Balance and Performance based design

Award winning electric bike designer and former National Motocross champion Jim Turner designed the patented Optibike monocoque frame from scratch to include 4 key elements: balance, style, performance, and safety.


The Optibike frame houses the battery inside and keeps the weight of the battery low and centered on the bike. A low center of gravity makes the Optibike is the best handling electric bike in the world.


The aluminum monocoque frame houses all of the electronics inside to protect them from the elements, impact, and your eyes. The Optibike is waterproof. WARNING: The clean lines on the Optibike will have people stopping you on the street to ask about it.


The Optibike frame is made entirely in the USA from aircraft grade 60/61 aluminum. Each frame is welded by hand by the most accurate welders in the country and heat treated to ensure maximum strength. Just before the frames are shipped to Optibike, critical points such as the swingarm pivot, head tube cups, and shock mounts are re-machined to ensure dead on accuracy.


Each frame is inspected for defects at the time of manufacture, once again just before shipment to Optibike and then 2 more times after they arrive in Colorado. We warranty the Optibike frame for life from manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover paint or shipping costs.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes