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Why we build the Optibike Elite Series one at a time

I’m Jim Turner, president and founder of Optibike.

Today I want to talk about the Elite Series and why we build them one at a time. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of this or the benefit of building a hand-built electric bicycle.

This stems from my history and experience in my younger days, I raced motocross and won two national championships. The bikes i rode were hand built by Suzuki in Japan one at a time, everything on the bikes was custom made, they cost a fortune to build but those bikes were perfect, and they just gave that extra amount of performance that you only got when they put all of that together.

When we build the elite series that’s what we’re doing for you, we’re building a bike that’s completely integrated and gives you an experience you won’t get with a mass-produced bike.

We hope that gives you a brief understanding of why we build these bikes one at a time. We’re craftsman building these bikes, we don’t want to be an assembly line here.

When you order a bike your name is on the build sheet, the bike is built for your height, your weight, your riding styles. That’s all taken into consideration as we build that bike.

We use our over 20 years of experience building e-bikes to make sure that bike fits you perfectly.

So with an Optibike Elite Series you get an experience you won’t get anywhere else, because the bike is built to fit you and every last detail is optimized.

In addition no Optibike Elite Series is actually the same, every time we build one we slightly improve something so every bike is getting better and better. Most manufacturers do a mass run and they build almost their entire year’s production all at once, so those bikes stay the same through the whole year, and if there’s a defect in them you get that defect, they don’t have a chance to change them.

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