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April 2010

Ask Optibike!

What does a non-electric bike with Optibike similar specs cost?

How about the new Trek, at $6819.99 What do you get for an extra $3175.50 on top of Treks pricing? 1) Custom fitting. 2) The electric motor and electronics part. (minor, but worth mentioning) :) 3) A bike that is made in America. 4) Integrated headlight and LED taillight. 5) The highest capacity lithium battery offered in an electric…
April 29, 2010

Oh, the good life: By Optibike electric bike owner Keith Felch

Early Monday morning I packed my trailer with my tenor and alto saxes, clarinet, flute, laptop, clothes, and bike tools and hit the road to my Huntington Beach studio. The clouds looked a bit threatening, but no rain was forecast, so I hit it. It always amazes me how I can get on that Opti pulling 90 pounds, and it takes off like a…
April 28, 2010

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