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March 2009

Ask Optibike!How do we do it?

Ask Optibike!: Why don't you make a cheaper electric bike?

Another great question.  Your answer: Jim Turner designed the Optibike to work as real transportation for people.  He wanted to overcome the limitations found in other electric bikes such as limited range (often caused by small batteries), limited speed, limited hill climbing ability, poor styling, and poor handling becuase of poor design.  The Optibike was designed to be different- to…
March 17, 2009
Ask Optibike!How do we do it?

Ask Optibike: How should I care for my Lithium-ion battery to maxamize life?

Great Question Chris, Here is your answer: The short answer is that good battery life can be obtained for any use profile.  Optibike's advanced lithium-ion battery technology does not suffer from either the "memory effect" associated with nickel battery systems that dictates full discharge periodically to "erase the memory."  It also does not suffer from sulfation-like problems of lead-acid batteries…
March 13, 2009

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