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March 2010

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How to justify spending $12,000 on an electric bike.

“ How do you justify spending $12000 on a bicycle?   You don’t.  How do you justify spending $12000 on a second car, local commuter vehicle and high-end mountain bike all wrapped into one?  Easy.  Its called anOptibike. My wife and I have ridden our 850R and 850R Helia Optibikes for six months daily in all types of conditions. Our conclusion:…
March 19, 2010

Open Letter to Optibike from Phil M in Minnesota

    Dear Craig Taber and Optibike, The Twin Cities of Minnesota has a strong band of bicycle commuters, many of whom commute to work all year, despite the frigid winters.  I live north of the Twin Cities with a 68 mile round trip commute, and yearned to ride my bicycle to work.  I have been aserious bicycle rider since four years…
March 17, 2010
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Great story about how the best electric bike came to be..

Optibike was started in Jim Turner’s Boulder, Colorado garage with a simple vision:  Make the World’s best electric bicycle, with no compromises in quality, performance or style.  Born from the Experience 1977 Jim Turner races moto-cross for the Suzuki Factory Team and wins the Canadian National Championship. Not without a quality mechanic, Jim traveled with then mechanic Mike McAndrews, now…
March 9, 2010

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