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June 2009


One riders experience with a quiver of Electric bikes.

This wirteup was posted to a forum populated with perhaps the most dedicated group of electric bike enthusiasts on the internet. These guys and gals have collectively tried about every combination of E-bike, kit, and everything inbetween on the market today. You can find them at: Al, one of the long time members of the group gives his account…
June 26, 2009
Ask Optibike!How do we do it?

Ask Optibike! What about maintenance?

This question was most recently asked by Gary Ares, who writes for a blog about E-bikes at The answer: Maintaining an Optibike is much like maintaining a traditional bike, with a few exceptions. Because the bike is heavier and you will go faster- the tires and brakes will wear out faster. Also, because the Optibike uses the derauiller system…
June 24, 2009
Optibike News

Why smart people are preparing for $4 gas now.

Remember only a few years ago when gas prices spiked, and the world rushed out to buy a Prius? Wait times were long, and those patient enough were rewarded with 40 mpg. This quote from about the 2006 Prius: "Two years out in the market, there's still a months-long waiting line. Toyota has doubled production to meet demand, so…
June 17, 2009

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