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November 2013

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Electric Bikes are the worlds largest selling electric vehicle

Electric Bikes are the worlds largest selling electric vehicle with sales of over 30 million units in 2012! This number dwarfs the 100,000 electric cars that were sold in the same year. Electric bike sales are still small when compared to bicycle sales as 130 million bicycles were sold in 2012. Electric bikes are now 23% of all bicycle sales…
November 30, 2013
Jim's Blog

A Brief History of Electric Bikes

Many people think electric bicycles are a new invention, but they are not. Read "A Brief History of Electric Bikes" exerted from my book "The Electric Bike Book" below and see that the idea is actually very old, with the first electric bike dating to the 1890s. (more…)
November 28, 2013
Optibike News

Cyber Monday Electric Bike Holiday Sale

Optibike will be beginning its Cyber Monday Electric Bike Holiday Sale on Monday December 2nd. On that day you can save over 30% on an Optibike. The new SIMBB electric bicycle is also on sale at $1000 off. The sale lasts for two weeks and ends on Monday December 16th. The best prices can be found on Cyber Monday. Click…
November 26, 2013
Optibike News

Electric Bicycle Technician Training

Electric bicycle technician training classes to be held in Southern California in December. Ever wanted to become an electric bike technician, improve your skills? This is your chance. LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association) is offering three levels of classes to make you a certified electric bike technician. There is a huge demand for electric bike technicians. Electric bike sales in…
November 23, 2013
Optibike News

Rick Tries to Break His New Optibike

We received this ride report as Rick tries to break his new Optibike. "I gave the suspension on the Optibike a HAMMERING! An absolute HAMMERING! I used the full length of travel on front & rear, & I did my level best to break it; sorry, can’t help myself, I’m a professional Test Engineer." I rode on technically tricky terrain,…
November 22, 2013

New SIMBB Electric Bike Available Online

It is now possible to buy the new SIMBB electric bike equipped with 29 inch mountain bike wheels online at our online store. There is currently a special $500 discount applied at checkout for orders placed through the website. The SIMBB29C is normally $4,995, which is a great value when compared to other electric bikes. The SIMBB has a 600…
November 22, 2013
FitnessHealthWeight loss

The Optibike E-Bike Weight Loss Challenge

It’s that time of year again, Holidays are just around the corner and you know you will want to make a commitment to yourself again, as you do every year, to finally lose the weight and keep it off. With all the gimmicks and lose weight quick schemes, it’s hard to decipher what you need to get started. At Optibike,…
November 12, 2013

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