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New Products

New RIOT Class 1 eMTB
Class 1 legal eMTB with monster torque
featuring the new PowerStorm MBB.

New PowerStorm Torque Sensor
Our MBB now has a dual-sided pedelec
torque sensor, easy riding awaits!

Pre-owned Bikes Available
We have several great pre-owned
options current available.


New SIMBB Electric Bike Available Online

It is now possible to buy the new SIMBB New SIMBB Electric Bike electric bike equipped with 29 inch mountain bike wheels online at our online store.   There is currently a special $500 discount applied at checkout  for orders placed through the website. The SIMBB29C is normally $4,995, which is a great value when compared to other electric bikes. The SIMBB has a 600 watt motor, while other mid drives only have a 250 or 350 watt motor. The integral SIMBB battery is also larger at 480 watt-hrs versus 300-400 for other bikes.

Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes