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Electric Bicycle Technician Training

Electric bicycle technician training classes to be held in Southern California in December. Ever wanted to become an electric bike technician, improve your skills? This is your chance. LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association) is offering three levels of classes to make you a certified electric bike technician. There is a huge demand for electric bike technicians. Electric bike sales in America nearly doubled last year.

LEVA isĀ  offering Levels 1-3 (Basic, Intermediate and Expert) in Southern California during the first week of December.

Cost: $1,000 for non- LEVA members and $500 for LEVA members. REGISTER HERE for the first two-day session which will take place on Dec. 3-4.


Jim Turner is the Inventor and Founder of Optibike Electric Bikes

One Comment

  • Paul Furbert says:

    Interested but need a bit more information. What exactly is being covered in the syllabus and where exactly in Southern California is the training being held?