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January 2014

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New Optibike Pioneer Allroad Electric Bike Announced

Optibike is very pleased to announce the new Optibike Pioneer Allroad. At $2,995, the Allroad is the perfect bike for getting started with an electric bike. The Allroad features a 500 watt Motorized Bottom Bracket (Mid Drive) motor system that combines hill climbing and speed on the flats. The 37 volt, 10.5 amp-hr Quick Change Lithium battery gives great  range.…
January 24, 2014
Jim's Blog

Stanford Life Lessons #1 How an Hour Changed My Life

Note (This is a  Life Lesson I learned while as a graduate Student at the Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Department. While at Stanford, I never dreamed of designing an electric bicycle, but all of these lessons have shaped the way I design the Optibike electric bike today.) Time is non linear. Sometimes  a day or week or even a year…
January 15, 2014

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